The EPD network is conceived as a Community of Practice in which practitioners from different dimensions of democracy support share knowledge in order to increase the impact of their work. The Community of Practice currently comprises 13 European member organisations with long track records and specialisations in working:

• on different fields of democracy support: political parties, local authorities, elections, multi-stakeholder dialogue, political and civil rights, civil society capacity building, media support and civic and political education;

• at different levels of society: political leadership, elected representatives, civil society and grassroots community representatives.

By covering different field and levels of support, EPD has direct insight on the various dimensions of democratic governance that must work in parallel in a functioning democracy. Thanks to this operational exchange, partners can improve the quality of their programming and contribute to EPD’s evidence-based advocacy.

Through its members, EPD represents over 140 people based in Europe and more than 1000 in the field. If you are interested in joining the Community of Practice, please email Ken Godfrey, Executive Director.